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28 September 2016 @ 06:24 pm
Yuletide 2016  
Hello, author! I am so excited this year, you have no idea! I love all these fandoms, so whichever one you choose, I will be waiting impatiently for Christmas so I can read all its goodness!

청춘시대 | Age of Youth

Characters: Song Ji Won, Im Sung Min, Seo Dong Joo, Kang Yi Na

Oh, how I love this drama! All those wonderful relationships to explore, both platonic and romantic, I just want everything!

Hands down, my favorite character is Song Ji Won. She has absolutely no personal boundaries, she says inappropriate things, and she is so uninhibitedly sexually frustrated I can't stand it.

She is the main comic relief in this otherwise angsty show, but she still has a dark side that really needs more exploration. While the other female characters got to share their secrets with the audience, Ji Won did not. Her lie about the ghost was the catalyst for much of the other characters cathartic confessions of what horrible things they did, did not do, or feel guilty about, but we don't know why Ji Won was known as "Liar Song" in high school. And in the end, the one who lives on with the secret regarding the death of Eun Jae's father, is Ji Won.

My obsessions with this show lie in Ji Won's past (the lying) and her relationship to her sunbae, Im Sung Min. I really wanted her to be with Sung Min in the end, and while it was close, it didn't really happen. If you are interested in writing shippy fic, I would love for something that explores Sung Min's attraction to Ji Won.

Though for most of the drama he shoots down her propostions of a relationship, (are they jokes? half jokes?) he isn't immune to her. We see that at the end when he attempts to talk to her as he would a girlfriend. But in the end, what is it that makes him reluctant to accept her? Maybe it's because she's embarrassing? Sure, she farts in front of him, can't keep her hands to herself, and is always waiting for him outside the men's room, but are these the only reasons he can't bring himself to go there? Also, what is with Ji Won? Does she like him or does she just want to have a relationship with anyone?

If ship fic isn't your thing, I'd like to see some exploration of Ji Won's character. Why does she lie? Will her knowledge of Eun Jae's father eventually eat at her until she confesses? Will this lie bring her and Sung Min closer together?

If all of that is too angsty or heavy for you, Ji Won being her lovely inappropiate self will do just nicely! I loved the party, so maybe there's another phallus worship party and this time its actually successful! Or maybe, Ji Won and Sung Min go on a journalistic adventure, and then tropes happen (you know, there's only one room in the inn...).

War and Peace (TV 2016)

Characters: Pierre Bezukhov, Natasha Rostov</b>

These two will be the death of me. I love this kind of tension in relationships, where one person loves the other for so long, and finally it is returned. In Pierre's case, it is especially beautiful. He's such a wonderful person, and he loves Natasha so very much. That she eventually returns his affection and love, it hits all my angsty buttons.

I'd love to see what happens right after they kiss in the drawing room, or perhaps an introspective look into Natasha's feelings, and how she came to realize her love for Pierre. Perhaps Pierre is feeling doubtful that she is really over Andre, or maybe he has to deal with the trauma of being married to Helene, who didn't do a very good job of pretending she didn't want to sleep with him. Whatever it might be, there is room for much character exploration, or ship fic. I also wouldn't say no to wedding night sexy times, if you want to go there. I believe Pierre would be a competent and attentive lover, which would alleviate some of the need for people to portray him as a buffoon.

치즈인더트랩 | Cheese in the Trap

Characters: Hong Seol, Yu Jeong

This drama was so....disappointing, so what I want the most here is fix-it-fic. I don't care if you don't follow the webtoon because its still going on and not all of it is in English yet, my primary focus is on the drama. Yu Jeong got the shaft in terms of character, and I want it to be fixed! He is so much more than what the drama gave him, and understanding him is the key to understanding why Seol loves him. That scene where she runs to him after running away from home is the last great moment for Jung/Seol, so if you want to continue from there with whatever you like, I would be happy with anything.

Okay, so there are the fandoms! Please, do what you want with these characters. I would take gladly take sexytimes or romance, or even just awesome gen if you don't ship these characters or don't want to write romance.

Sexual Tropes I Like

- First time together.
- Affection, accidental touching and reactions, sexual tension (always a plus), introspection to characters own reactions.
- Body worship, scars, fetishizing of a certain body part, like the ears or neck, toes, etc.
- Sex on against the wall or on the kitchen counter, carpet, beds, chairs, etc.
- Mild and consensual Sub/Dom, like spanking, fetishizing, light bondage
- Sharing a bed, falling asleep on the other's shoulder, dreams, witnessing nightmares, etc.

I guess you could say I like vanilla with lots of stuff on the top.

Non-sexual Tropes I Like

-Unrequited Love that Eventually Gets Requited. I love the angst and tension of these kinds of fics.
-Humorous hyjinks.
-Character introspection.

Things I Don’t Like

-Major character death.
-When writers use phrases like, “said, the redheaded beauty.” I really hate it. I like pronouns.
-When my ships die! Gen is fine, I just don't want to read a story about Natasha being with Andre and not Pierre.

Thank you, writer. I hope you don't stress about it, because as long as you want to write it, I want to read it!
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