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17 October 2015 @ 10:44 pm
Yuletide Letter  
Hello, dear Yuletide writer! Once again I want to thank you for writing for me. I hope it isn't too difficult for you, and you are writing something you want to! Please, also write for yourself, don't stress, and most of all, have fun.

These are in no particular order....


Tim Gutterson/Rachel Brooks

No two characters are more deserving of a spinoff show than Tim and Rachel. Both are complex, interesting, sexy, and (if I had my way) would be the next Mulder and Scully of Kentucky, catching bad guys with lots of sexual tension.

Prompts: I said Mulder and Scully, so why not? Aliens or paranormal stuff starts happening in Harlan or Lexington, and they have to investigate. Pretend marriage hijinks ensue? I prefer shippy fic, but if you can't stand that idea, you could write casefic with them working as partners.

Minority Report (2002)


I have adored Agatha, and in turn, Samantha Morton since I saw this movie way back in 2002. I always felt that the relationship between John and Agatha was unique, rich for exploration, and quite wonderful. It never seemed right to me that they were together in such an intense way, having built this trust, this unbreakable bond--and then having John go back to his ex-wife, and Agatha going off to live in some house in the middle of nowhere. I felt they should have been together--not necessarily romantically, but with John taking care of her, and maybe learning to live (and love, so yes romantically) again. I'm all for slow burn here, so if you don't want to write sexual or really obvious romantic situations, that's okay. I just prefer that they aren't with other people.

Prompts: John has to protect Agatha from those that might exploit her, or maybe he tries to teach her how to take care of herself (A kitchen disaster? Shrinking his laundry?)

The Conjuring

Drew/Andrea Perron

I get this is a long shot, but there is something about this couple that I can't seem to let go of. My ship stems from just one tiny scene when Drew first arrives at the Perron house and he is setting up that electromagnetic machine, and he is showing her how it works, and there is this flirtation, this spark between them. It just hits all the right buttons for me, and if for some miraculous reason it does for you too, I would not say no to this fic.

Prompts: Andrea goes off to college and discovers her dorm, or some building is haunted, and contacts Drew to come and get rid of it. Maybe some spirit latches itself onto her and she calls him to help her. Or you could write them in the Perron house during the events of The Conjuring, and add scenes between them within the context of the film. Whatever it is, if you write these two in a romantic situation, I will love it.



I'm still devastated this show got cancelled, and we never got to see Eliza and Henry together. SO DISAPPOINTING. But I suppose that is where fic comes in...so if you want to write a continuation of this pair getting together, go for it. I heart them and I will never let them go. Red-headed Korean babies forever.

Prompts: Sexual Tension. That is all.



I really couldn't understand why the creators of this show said that Nolan and Emily would never happen. It was the only obvious pair for me, so if you feel the same, then write a "fix-it" fic and get these two together pronto. I think even with Emily's hardness and Nolan's charm, they avoid a cliche because they are already friends, and trust one another. They've been through so much together, I just can't see them with anyone else.

Prompts: Sudden realization of love, either with Emily or Nolan. Maybe one is injured or in trouble, and they have to save them. If not, then a quiet admission Jane Austin style wouldn't go amiss here either. Maybe they run away to Europe, or take a trip across the ocean on a yacht. Whatever, just build the tension and let them go at it!

The Librarians

Cassandra Cillian/Ezekiel Jones

For me, this ship is just about as perfect as can be. Ambiguous morality forever.

Because I love these two more than the show itself, it doesn't even have to be set in the show's context. Give me Cassandra and Ezekiel anywhere--AU, casefic, AU!Ezekiel and AU!Cassandra tearing through space and time as Librarians of Moral Ambiguity! Whatever your brain comes up with! Use any trope you desire to give these two romantic sexy times, or even unintentional sexy times (visiting a place where consummation must ensue?) where they realize they have amazing chemistry and can take over the world. If that isn't your thing, that's okay too.

Sexual Tropes I Like

- First time together sex.
- Affection, accidental touching and reactions, sexual tension (always a plus), introspection to characters own reactions.
- Body worship, scars, fetishizing of a certain body part, like the ears or neck, toes, etc.
- Sex on against the wall or on the kitchen counter, carpet, beds, chairs, etc.
- Mild and consensual Sub/Dom, like spanking, fetishizing, light bondage
- Sharing a bed, falling asleep on the other's shoulder, dreams, witnessing nightmares, etc.

Non-sexual Tropes I Like

-Unrequited Love that Eventually Gets Requited. I love the angst and tension of these kinds of fics.

Things I Don’t Like

-Major character death, especially my favorite characters.
-When writers use phrases like, “said, the redheaded beauty.” I like pronouns.
-When my favorite ships sink and drown because they are in relationships with other characters.

Okay, so there they are. Please, do what you want. I would take gladly take sexytimes or romance, or even just awesome casefic with good friendships if you can't bring yourself to go there. Just enjoy the writing process and don't stress about it.
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