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27 January 2015 @ 07:28 pm
ShipSwap Letter  
First, thank you for writing my precious babies into a fic. They are rare and will never get much love, so whatever you write, I will cherish forever.

The Librarians

Cassandra Cillian/Ezekiel Jones

This is currently the ship of my heart. These two are so adorable and complex in ways that have yet to be explored. Cassandra's willingness to betray the others in turn for removing the tumor in her brain, and Ezekiel's bluntness in that he would leave them all in a second to save his life (though I wonder how much of that is really talk...), together they make such a perfect pair, it kills me to see her paired with Jake Stone. Grr. Ambiguous morality forever.

Because I love these two more than the show itself, it doesn't even have to be set in the show's context. Give me Cassandra and Ezekiel anywhere--AU, casefic, AU!Ezekiel and AU!Cassandra tearing through space and time as Librarians of Moral Ambiguity! Whatever your brain comes up with! Use any trope you desire to give these two romantic sexy times, or even unintentional sexy times (visiting a place where consummation must ensue?) where they realize they have amazing chemistry and can take over the world. I like smut, its practically all I write.

The 100

Monty Green/Clarke Griffin

Monty Green is my favorite character, hands down, and it hurts me, hurts me that he doesn't get to have a romantic storyline. It is the one thing that bothers me most about this show, and I can't help but think stereotypes play a role in this. *sigh* Lamesauce.

I see Monty and Clarke together, because he's like the heart/head to her head/heart. Does that make sense? He is compassionate, smart, quietly strong, and he trusts her. She is smart, passionate, and a leader with her heart buried deep within her. I see them as yin and yang, but mushed together. One is not exclusive of the other. I think this pairing would be extremely interesting, surprising, and culturally subversive.


Jang Baek-Ki/Ahn Young-Yi
Han Seok Yul/Ahn Young-Yi

Well, if you happened to be paired with me for this, I'm pretty much amazed. Obviously Baek-Ki and Young-Yi is shipped, and deservedly so. They are adorable.

Seok Yul and Young Yi could be kind of sexy in an odd, funny, sort of way. I though he deserved a shot at her, at least in the fan fiction world. If this strikes your fancy, go for it! Maybe they drink too much soju and end up sleeping together? Maybe he's super good in bed, lol. Maybe they go for another truck ride. HAHA.

Hot Young Bloods

Young Sook/Joong-Gil

Okay, this doesn't exist anywhere, so if you want to write them, I bow down to your amazingness. They are so wonderful and adorable, and while their relationship is fresh when the movie ends, I think their history is complex and rich enough to make a story about. I don't mind wedding night fic or a fix-it fic where they meet after both get beat up. Whatever you want. Sexytimes fic is always welcome.

Sexual Tropes I Like

- First time together sex.
- Affection, accidental touching and reactions, sexual tension (always a plus), introspection to characters own reactions.
- Body worship, scars, fetishizing of a certain body part, like the ears or neck, toes, etc.
- Sex on against the wall or on the kitchen counter, carpet, beds, chairs, etc.
- Mild and consensual Sub/Dom, like spanking, fetishizing, light bondage
- Sharing a bed, falling asleep on the other's shoulder, dreams, witnessing nightmares, etc.

Non-sexual Tropes I Like

-Unrequited Love that Eventually Gets Requited. I love the angst and tension of these kinds of fics.

Things I Don’t Like

-Major character death, especially my favorite characters.
-When writers use phrases like, “said, the redheaded beauty.” I like pronouns.

Okay, so there they are. Please, do what you want. I would take sexy smut over anything else, if that is what you want to write, so don't feel pressure.

Thanks again!