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18 October 2014 @ 04:51 pm
Yuletide Letter 2014  
Dearest YuletideWriter,

First of all, thank you so much for writing this letter. I hope you find something that inspires you to create something that will please you, as much as me! I write the stuff I want to read, so I hope you can do something similar.


-I like Het. All my ships contain characters I ship together, so if you are into writing fic with these pairings, Smut it up if that strikes your fancy! I love a good first time sex romp, or even established relationship sexy times. If that is not your thing, or you don’t ship my ship, I like gen as well. I’d like something character focused even if it’s not romantic or sexual in nature.

-I also like character exploration, fics about my favorite characters doing things together, their thoughts on each other, fics with missing scenes, fics that explore what happens in the future, post canon, or fics that explore what might have happened if the characters had made different choices.

-I would love plotty romantic smut in my fic, but not PWP. Please don’t feel pressured to do any of that if it makes you uncomfortable, or if you have some brilliant idea for a scene between characters that you just have to write, do that. Chances are if it makes you excited it will make me excited too!
-I like themes of darkness, but not complete tragedy. If the characters experience angst and depression, that’s fine, but I would like a happy ending, or at least one that was tinged with hope.
-Fix-It Fics are one of my favorites, especially when it comes to romantic relationships.
-I like it when characters turn out happy. I'm not afraid to admit it, especially for Korean dramas. They are formulaic writing at its best (or sometimes, worst) is boundless with tropes, and is always asking for more (especially the ones you don't get, like sex pollen...) Since you are probably matched with me because Korean Dramas, I know I don't have to explain this. In case you are that 0.09 % that happened to offer The Other Boleyn Girl, there is a link HERE for info about Korean Dramas and their tropes.

Things I Don’t Like

-Major character death, especially my favorite characters.
-My favorite characters paired off with other people, unless it’s temporary and my OTP ends up together.
-Really gory fics, genderbending, AU.
-When writers use phrases like, “said, the redheaded beauty.” I like pronouns.

Sexual Tropes I Like

- First time together sex.
- Affection, accidental touching and reactions, sexual tension (always a plus), introspection to characters own reactions.
- Body worship, scars, fetishizing of a certain body part, like the ears or neck, toes, etc.
- Sex on against the wall or on the kitchen counter, carpet, beds, chairs, etc.
- Sharing a bed, falling asleep on the other's shoulder, dreams, witnessing nightmares.

Non-sexual Tropes I Like

-Fix-It fics, writing characters doing things, being with other characters as it ought to have been written (in my not so humble opinion).
-Unrequited Love that Eventually Gets Requited. I love the angst and tension of these kinds of fics. Its pretty much all I write.

Mirae’s Choice

You can read the episode recaps, here.

Park Se Joo
So Yoo Kyung

A Korean drama that came out last year, the story revolves around a girl named Na Mirae, whose future self goes back in time to prevent herself from marrying Kim Shin, and urges her to marry the Vice President of the Broadcasting station she works at, Park Se Joo. Apparently, Kim Shiin has made her life miserable, and she wants to prevent that.

So future!Mirae comes back and prevents present!Mirae meeting Kim Shin the way they are supposed to. Mirae travels to Jeju where in a rather sensual little scene, takes off her clothes on the beach and goes swimming with the fishes. Se Joo has been filming her until she undresses and gets all flustered. But in typical drama world, she starts to drown and he saves her and falls in love with her, “because of water.”

So, what was supposed to happen, didn’t. Mirae was supposed to be rear ended by Kim Shin and Yoo Kyung was supposed to go to Jeju and meet Se Joo, also "because of water" and be with her. But because future!Mirae messed it up, because unfortunately both Kim Shin and Se Joo end up falling in love with Mirae, leaving poor Yoo Kyung, who has still fallen in love with Se Joo, out in the cold.

Against typical dramas that portray the second female lead as some crazy psycho who will do anything to be with the man she loves is obsessed with, Yoo Kyung is perhaps the sanest character in the show, and knows exactly what she wants, instead of dallying around and being wishy washy (like Mirae). Even at the end, she decides to go to the States on a journalism scholarship, pursuing her career. It’s bittersweet, because she speaks to Se Joo, asking him if he had seen her first, would he have fallen in love with her, and he says yes. Ouch.

I feel Yoo Kyung got screwed. It didn’t makes sense as to (since this is about fate and choices and all) why Kim Shin would still have fallen in love Mirae and vice versa, but the same didn’t happen for the other two? And since I like Fix It Fics, these two are perfect for that trope.

Prompt Option (but you don’t have to!)

-Se Joo goes to the States and meets Yoo Kyung, and ends up falling in love with her over a period of time, perhaps seeing her in the water as he was supposed to in JeJu?

Answer Me 1994

Chicken Girl/Future Wife
Baseball Manager

Episode Recaps Here.
Chicken Girl/Future Wife appears, in episode 21, Here.
Baseball Manager appears in Episode 6, Here.

Another Korean drama where the love triangle becomes ridiculous in a “who will she marry?” trope that ends up making the male character who didn’t get the girl look psycho obsessive and slightly unhinged.

If you look up the ship of this drama, it will be polarized by those who wanted Sung Na Jung to be with Chilbong, the baseball player, and those (who got their wish) ended up with Surreki, or Trash, Oppa. It got brutal, really brutal. If you don’t believe me, check out the comments on Dramabeans or Omonattheydidnt.

So since Chilbong started out as a great character before descending into crazy, I thought it would be nice to explore his other girl options, such as the Baseball Manager with the backwards baseball cap and a penchant for flipping the bird.


She seemed a better fit for him.
Or, you could take the Chicken Girl/Future Wife, that he meets in the last episode and explore the way they fall in love.

Either way I’d be happy! I just want Chilbong to be happy. And not an obsessive psycho.

Prompt Options

-Chilbong talks to the Baseball Manager about his romantic drama, calling her Manager the entire time, not knowing she’s liked him forever. Only towards the end, after he realized he likes her, does he ask her name. Feel free to make one up, if you like!
-Chilbong meets Chicken Girl, and is so smitten with her, and he ends up getting drunk with her that night instead of going home, only to fall in love later. She of course, wants him to stop comparing her to Na Jung.

The Other Boleyn Girl

Mary Boleyn
William Stafford

This is kind of a random ship. I don't even really like the book, or the movie...perhaps I just adore the coupling of Scarlett Johannsson and Eddie Redmayne, but I really would like a fic exploring the beginning of their marriage, and when Mary Boleyn fell in love with William Stafford. Since there is not much to go on with this couple, the options you have are wide open!

My Love From the Star

Episode Recaps

Lee Hee Kyung
Yoo Se Mi

Another drama where the second male and female leads get the shaft. Yoo Mi (played by the wonderful Yoo In Ah) is in love with Lee Hee Kyung who only has eyes for Cheon Song Yi, who ignores him for Do Min Joon. So we have two broken hearts at the end.

Cheong Song Yi and Yoo Se Mi are actresses and friends. Song Yi is the more successful of the two, and at most is indifferent, or at the least, oblivious to her friend's place in her shadow and her love of Hee Kyung. When Song Yi's career begins to flail and Se Mi starts getting leads, Se Mi is somewhat cruel to Song Yi, treating her as she felt she was treated. It isn't too hard to understand her actions, even though its cruel and petty, but it doesn't make her completely awful.

There were some beautiful moments between Se Mi and Hee Kyung, like the one where she confesses to him over the phone while they watch each other through the snow. Ugh. My heart. I want him to realize that love isn't about him being obsessive or hurting over Song Yi. I want him to take his friendship with Se Mi and turn it into something more. What is love except a deep friendship without cuddles and sexytimes?

Prompt Options

-They have to start pretend-dating and/or live together to save her/him from scandal.

Thank you for reading this and good luck! I can't wait to read what you've written!